A.C. White’s Very Own Was Recently Recognized as National Account Salesperson of the Month

Cindy Sirmans, Account Development, Moving Consultant & Project Manager, was recognized by UniGroup/United Van Lines as their National Account Salesperson of the Month in December 2011.

Since 1983, Sirmans has been successfully working in the moving industry acquiring loyal and trusting clients. Over the years, she has broadened her knowledge of the many complex veins contained in the transportation and relocation business. She has the ability to service the many needs of her customers which include employee transfers throughout the world as well as office relocations, locally and across the nation. Sirmans also handles freight, special commodities, exhibits and trade shows. Her dedication to her clients has gained her the respect of others who work in this industry. When asked, she has used her time and expertise training many other colleagues in the field of transportation.

Sirmans credits her success with hard work and the love and respect that she has for God, country and family as taught by her parents. From this she has learned the value of helping her customers through their most stressful endeavor of relocating their families. As well as assisting the personnel for hundreds of office moves that she has overseen and organized for the last two decades.

Regarding her success, Sirmans says, “You’re only as good as the company you work for. I give credit for my achievements to A.C. White Storage and Transfer, Pete White, who has always given me guidance and direction and Paula Runyon, my coordinator who keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. And of course to United Van Lines who makes all of this possible. Always keep the customer as your number one priority and success will surely follow.”

Congratulations, Cindy Sirmans! We are all very proud of you!

A.C. White provides the personal service of a family-owned company backed by the resources of United Van Lines, LLC and Mayflower Transit, LLC, the moving industry’s leading transportation providers.

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Preparing for the Peak Moving Season

We recommend that anyone planning on a summertime move make their plans now and contact a moving company in the next month since it was necessary to turn away customers last summer. Doing so will add greatly to your sanity during this “Peak” relocation season; a season that we hope will be considerably busier than the last few years.

Be very sure to book your relocation with a reputable company that will actually have the equipment and manpower to perform the services promised on the dates promised. A.C. White has been providing this level of quality service for 86 years.

In addition, moving companies increase their prices during the dates around Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. To encourage early booking, United and Mayflower are offering a special during March and April. They will guarantee today’s rates for any date during May, June, July & August when an Order for Service is signed within 30 days of receiving the estimate.

A.C. White provides the personal service of a family-owned company backed by the resources of United Van Lines, LLC and Mayflower Transit, LLC, the moving industry’s leading transportation providers.

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Portable Storage Containers from United Mayflower Container Services

Whether you’re planning a move, remodeling your home or simply de-cluttering, the hottest trend in moving and storage, portable storage containers, is a versatile option worth considering. Portable moving and storage containers are perfect for anyone needing short or long-term storage, whether before, during or after a move.

Movable storage containers from United Mayflower are approximately 16′ long, 8′ wide and 8′ high and hold the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot home (basement, garage, patio and attic items may require an additional container).

United Mayflower is currently offering the use of a portable storage container either at origin or destination for an interstate move.

A.C. White provides the personal service of a family-owned company backed by the resources of United Van Lines, LLC and Mayflower Transit, LLC, the moving industry’s leading transportation providers.

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A Job Well Done

We want to share a letter that we just received from a Facility Manager:

“Last weekend we welcomed our staff to their new work areas and all were extremely pleased to find that their belongings were neatly arranged and ready for them to unpack.

I handle relocations for my company all over the Eastern US and have not witnessed a relocation execution that can hold a candle to this one. The crew did a remarkable job; were very easy to work with; professional, hard-working, courteous and helpful; they kept the project moving and efficient; but most importantly with great accuracy.

Please accept my sincere thanks for an outstanding performance of the entire team.”

Facility Manager, East US

For 86 years A.C. White has perfected the craft of business relocations. Your moving experience should live up to your standards. Please contact Kevin Harmon at 770.325.9100 or kevinh@acwhite.com if we can help with your project. Visit our website at www.acwhite.com/atlantaofficemovers.htm.

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Going Green

A.C. White Relocations is proud to be an active part of the “green” community in the Atlanta, Georgia area by providing services and products to help our environment.  A. C. White supports Georgia’s Clean Air Campaign with a “no idling policy” for company vehicles, condensing employee work weeks and encouraging carpooling and mass transportation when possible.

In addition, A. C. White recycles many products to include cardboard, metals and used office furniture, and uses reusable moving equipment to reduce the amount of cardboard used during a move.  A. C. White Relocations encourages every business to be an active supporter of our environment.

To Learn More about A.C. White, visit us at www.acwhite.com

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Best Price Boxes

We have found a better way to recycle the box board that we normally throw into the dumpster and pay to have hauled away each week by joining forces with Best Price Boxes to sell “gently-used” moving boxes.

We are now set up to sell book boxes to wardrobe boxes, often at deeply discounted prices, and will buy them back when the customer has finished with them.  We will buy and sell any types of moving/shipping boxes, even those not originally purchased from us,  as long as they meet the “gently-used” criteria.  Tape and writing on the box is okay, but holes or stains are not.

Not only does the customer get a good deal, but they also help the environment as an added bonus. Best Price Boxes reuses/recycles more than 1,400 tons of cardboard per year.

For more information or pricing in the Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah area, visit http://www.bestpriceboxes.com/location.html#georgia .

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Asset Management Services

With a 100,000 square foot warehouse, AC White offers short and long-term storage as well as non-storage related services.

AC White has a storage option for every business need. Whether the storage will be for a week, a month or a year, AC White can provide the service needed.

In addition to storage, AC White can provide the following services:

  • Pickup/Delivery Services for items coming to or delivering from storage
  • Inventory/Inventory Management process tailored to each customer
  • Cross Docking of products purchased directly from the manufacturer
  • Product Reduction of outdated or unused assets

To Learn More about Asset Management Services in Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah, visit us at www.acwhite.com

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Office Relocations and Commercial Services

It is a common fact that most companies move every 5-7 years, but few companies have the experienced personnel to manage the moving process.

AC White Relocations has specialized divisions in virtually all types of office and commercial relocations. With over 85 years in the Atlanta area we’ve perfected the craft of business relocations.

Our professional personnel, specialized equipment and materials in addition to our pride in building and facility protection allow us to provide the following services:

  • Technology Services
  • Furniture and Workstation Services
  • Furniture Liquidation and Space Decommission
  • Lab and Data Center Relocation Services
  • Project Management Services

To Learn More about Office Relocations and Commercial Services in Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah, visit us at www.acwhite.com

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Business Services

In business since 1926, AC White Relocations offers a complete menu of business services for our clients. We are committed to providing our corporate and small business customers with the resources and expertise to better manage and succeed.

We offer a complete Ecommerce Solution:

  • Office & Industrial Moving
  • Document Storage Services
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Asset Management Services
  • Drop Shipping

To Learn More about Business Services in Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah, visit us at www.acwhite.com

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Would You Store Your Life Savings Under Your Mattress?

Secure, reliable record storage management is an essential service for every business of every size. Storing important documents in a basement, public storage unit or cluttered office space is about as secure as storing your life savings under your mattress. And trusting your records to a company you can’t trust to accurately and appropriately manage that critical information can be even worse. Nowhere are your business’s records more secure than in the hands of Secure Record Storage.

Paper documents and hardcopy records can quickly pile up and overload any office or practice. Storing them involves taking up valuable office space or renting public storage. Keeping them protected, organized, available and easy to find is the greatest challenge of all.

Organizing and Indexing
Often the hardest part is getting started. Our indexing service will manage each file within a box, so when you need a file, we can access the file within minutes.  Our experienced personnel manage this process so your staff can focus on their work.

Storing Your Records Securely
Our document and records storage facilities are safe, clean and secure. Your needs change, so we are flexible; you only pay for the space you need.

Secure Record Storage provides the following benefits at a cost much less than Public Storage:

  • Insured – Professional Liability Certificate
  • Access – Professionally Monitored
  • Secure – No Access by Public
  • Tracking – Online Inventory Access
  • Delivery – Delivered by Security Professional
  • Cost Effective – Pay Only for Space Used
  • Retention Schedule – Barcode Tracking Items to Destroy
  • Climate Controlled – Regulated Temp for all Stored Items
  • Employee Background – Federal Background Check Required
  • Employee Productivity – Scan on Demand, Eliminate Risk
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy – Strategic Development of Recovery Plan

Accessing Your Files
Access to your files is quick and easy and the files you need are on your desk the next day.

Our fleet of vans and uniformed drivers deliver the boxes or files you need and pick them up to return them to their proper spot until they’re needed again. Our online records software makes it easy for you to request a file, delivery, pick-up or even order supplies, saving you time.

To Learn More about Secure Record Storage in Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah, contact us at (770) 325-9090. 

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