A Job Well Done

We want to share a letter that we just received from a Facility Manager:

“Last weekend we welcomed our staff to their new work areas and all were extremely pleased to find that their belongings were neatly arranged and ready for them to unpack.

I handle relocations for my company all over the Eastern US and have not witnessed a relocation execution that can hold a candle to this one. The crew did a remarkable job; were very easy to work with; professional, hard-working, courteous and helpful; they kept the project moving and efficient; but most importantly with great accuracy.

Please accept my sincere thanks for an outstanding performance of the entire team.”

Facility Manager, East US

For 86 years A.C. White has perfected the craft of business relocations. Your moving experience should live up to your standards. Please contact Kevin Harmon at 770.325.9100 or kevinh@acwhite.com if we can help with your project. Visit our website at www.acwhite.com/atlantaofficemovers.htm.

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